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Superior Clear Bra Protection



Perfect protection for high traffic areas or whole car coverage

This paint protection film deals for bumper covers, door pull cavities, side mirrors, hoods, door edges, trunk ledges, and rocker panels

Excellent durability that prevents cracking, fading or yellowing

3M scientifically tested its paint protection film (or clear bra) product to ensure long-lasting durability

More paint protection film series available

3M offers a variety of other paint protection film series.

Computer designed to custom fit your car

3M™ film installers are trained with the right tools for efficient installation. 3M has designed software that allows them to cut film specific for your vehicle.

Easier to clean and harder to scratch

Wash and wax over the clear bra film with no special maintenance necessary

Self-healing properties make scratches disappear

Backed by 3M’s innovation, science and self-healing technology, this thick protecting clear bra film will adjust on its own to fix minor scratches from the road


This rugged, durable, virtually invisible clear bra film uses 3M’s most advanced technology to protect the finish on your vehicle and keep it looking newer and longer. 3M’s Paint Protection Film is easy to clean, hard to scratch, and provides excellent durability from cracking, fading, or yellowing. While Pro Series offers a clear, nearly invisible look, Pro Series Matte delivers a matte finish to the look of your car. Give your vehicle a lasting shine with 3M™ Ceramic Coating, which can be applied directly over a car’s clear bra film.

Paint Protection Film Port St Lucie

Paint Protection Film: Paint Protection Film (PPF), also referred to as automotive paint protection film, clear bra, paint shield, and clear car bra, is essentially a thin layer of protective material that is attached or treated directly onto the painted surface of a vehicle where superfluous paint damage is most likely to occur, typically around the front bumper, lower doors, fenders, and side view mirrors. This clear adhesive film shields paint from rock chips, ultraviolet light rays (sun), stone dings, bug splats etc., which are all common contributors to paint fading over time.

How It Works

The main idea behind paint protection film is to protect the paint of your car from scratches or paint chips caused by rocks or debris kicked up onto the body of your car while you are driving. In addition to paint protection, PPF (paint protection films) have a few other functions as well. PPF creates a better, more uniform paint job as it smooths out paint imperfections and makes your paint finish more uniform by filling in those small paint chips that you may have on the paint of your car which would normally require an auto body paint touch up or repainting.

In order to use paint protection film on a vehicle, the paint has to be very clear with no layers of wax or similar substances that would prevent paint protection film from sticking properly. The car paint is first prepped and polished as it has to be free of swirl marks and other paint damage that paint protection film cannot protect.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection films offer a relatively inexpensive way for people to prevent their vehicles from damage caused by rock chips and road debris. It is more cost-effective than repainting their vehicles after small scratches develop into large paint chips because it prevents the damage from occurring in the first place. In addition, some paint films help reduce interior noise levels.

PPF can be combined with a ceramic coating to provide the best protection for your vehicle possible with today’s modern technology. PPF offers self healing properties and protection from rock chips and deeper scratches while a ceramic coating offers water repelling characteristics as well as easy cleaning and maintenance for your vehicle. The combination of these two paint protection products provides your vehicle paint with the maximum protection available on the market. If you are looking for paint protection film for your car, look no further than Modern Detailing PSL. In terms of environmental impact paint protection films have a very low footprint because they can be fully recycled or otherwise disposed of without creating any pollution.

Suggested coverage packages you can choose from


  • Full Vehicle



  • Full Hood

  • Full Fenders

  • Mirrors

  • Bumpers



  • Partial Hood

  • Partial Fenders

  • Mirrors

  • Bumpers



  • Door Edge Guards

  • Trunk Ledge Edges

  • Cups(Door Handles)

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