Hand Wash

Starting at $40 - (45mins-1hr)

Details: Our gentle hand wash is performed using high-quality microfiber or wool wash mitts including the exterior, wheels, arches, jambs, and rocker panels. A 2-bucket wash method is employed to eliminate any new scratching or swirling to the paint finish. Wheel faces and tires are cleaned using a gentle soap that lifts dirt and light contamination. Exterior windows are cleaned using streak-free cleaners. Forced air, soft microfiber towels, and carnauba spray wax are used to dry the car and add existing protection to exterior surfaces. Tires are dressed with a non-slinging, non-greasy dressing. Upgrade to our Wash and Wax package for an additional $35 fee. This adds chemical decontamination along with a 3-6 month silica sealant on the wheels and body of the vehicle for an excellent mini exterior service.


Service Recommendation: A hand wash is recommended bi-monthly, monthly, or more frequently, depending on the level of use the vehicle sees. We offer a free assessment to see if your vehicle could benefit from a protective detail or Paint Correction.


(Does not include removal of heavy or bonded contaminants (e.g. tar, sap, rail dust). The spray wax is used to enhance existing protection, not to provide standalone protection such as a long-term protective wax or sealant.)


Protective Exterior Detail

Starting at $100 - (1hr-2hr)

Details: This service is designed for vehicles that have previously undergone Arete paint correction services, or newer vehicles with paint in generally good condition, looking to maintain a scratch-free finish. The service starts with a foam soak and pressure rinse to loosen bonded contaminants. A hand wash is performed including in-depth wheel cleaning. Bonded surface contamination is then removed first using chemical decontamination using an iron removing chemical followed up with a nano-clay bar treatment, used on all painted surfaces, glass, and lenses. A highly durable silica sealant, with a protection window of 3 to 6 months, is then applied to the paintwork along with the wheels. Tires are dressed with a non-slinging, non-greasy dressing. Exterior windows are also cleaned leaving them streak-free.


Service Recommendation: To maintain the vehicle's protection a hand wash is recommended once a month, or bi-monthly at a minimum. A follow-up every 3-6 months should be performed to ensure the vehicle remains well protected from the elements. You can upgrade this auto detailing service with a high-gloss sealant to lightly cleanse the paint pores, or a high durability sealant to further extend the level of protection. 


(Does not include: No imperfections (ex. scratches, swirling, and scuffing) will be removed but the paint will be left glossy and protected. Excessive tar, sap, bugs, or other severe filth may require additional charge.)

Paint Enhancement Detail

Starting at $200 - (2-3hrs)

Details: This is the entry-level service to paint correction. For a Paint Enhancement detail, the vehicle is prepared in the same way as the Protective Exterior Detail. The vehicle is foam rinsed, treated to our 2 bucket hand wash, wheels and wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, the paint surface is chemically decontaminated using an iron-removing chemical, and a nano-clay bar treatment is performed to remove bonded contamination. A 1-stage polish is then performed on the paint with a polish/sealant combo to remove swirling, light defects, and to protect in one step. The second layer of sealant is then applied to the paintwork, headlights, and taillights, to further boost the protection. The tires are dressed with a non-slinging, non-greasy dressing, and windows are hand polished streak-free. A Vac n’ Wipe can be included with this service for an additional $30 for any size. Upgrade to NexGen Ceramic 1-year paint protection for only $40!

Service Recommendation: This type of auto detailing service is recommended for pre-owned cars and the most discerning vehicle owners. To maintain the finish monthly or bi-monthly hand washing is recommended. A follow-up wax or sealant, after 3-6 months, should be performed to ensure the vehicle is kept protected from the elements.


(Does not include: Major paint correction. Only light swirls and scratching will be removed with this type of polishing. There will be a dramatic improvement in gloss and depth, but deep scratching and other defects may remain.)