Vac and Wipe

Starting at $30 - (30min – 1hr)

Details: A Vac n Wipe starts with a quick vacuum of visible surfaces. All hard surfaces including the dashboard, center console, seats, and door cards are wiped down to remove dust. The interior windows will be cleaned, along with one area of detailed spot cleaning for a small mess or minor spill if necessary. 


Service Recommendation: Perfect auto detail for a quick touch-up to maintain the interior of a vehicle between more detailed cleanings. Leather is recommended to be cleaned and conditioned every 6 months, which is not included in the Vac n Wipe.


(Does not include: Removing any articles from the vehicle other than floor mats, and disposal of loose trash. Deep cleaning, scrubbing, or removal of heavy soiling is not included, beyond 1 minor area of focus (e.g coffee spill)).


Deep Cleaning

Starting at $150 - (2hr – 3hrs)

Details: A deep cleaning of the interior is performed including inside windows, mirrors, all vinyl/plastic surfaces, dashboard, center console, cup holders, trunk, and compartments. Intensive spot cleaning of leather or fabric seats will be performed to remove heavier stains if needed, along with shampooing and heated extraction of all carpets, floor mats, and seats. If seating is leather, a thorough cleaning will be performed with soft brushes, microfiber towels, and dedicated cleaners- leaving surfaces soft, yet dry to the touch. Plastic surfaces are not “dressed”, but are left with a clean, factory finish. 

Service Recommendation: This is the ideal auto detailing package for a newer vehicle or garage-kept beauty looking to maintain a like-new appearance. Light cleaning of the leather is standard, yet old and dirty leather may require a more thorough cleaning to reach optimal results. This service is recommended to be performed every 6 months to a year to maintain a like-new appearance.


(This service does not include; Removal of any fastened-down seats or compartments.)

Top To Bottom Detail

Starting at $200 - (3hrs – 5hrs)

Details: You will not find a more comprehensive interior service than this! Our Top to Bottom Detail reaches every single crack and crevice of your interior while bringing your interior back to as close to like-new condition as possible. If you're looking for absolute uncompromising quality and total interior restoration this service is second to none.  We pour over every last piece of your interior to assure near-perfection.

This service includes everything from our Deep Clean Detail. However, just as it sounds, the interior is cleaned from top to bottom, including; thorough cleaning of leather, shampooing, and heated extraction and steam cleaning of upholstery seating and all carpeting, headliner, pillars, and any necessary steam cleaning. Using premium products, the leather is conditioned using a 2-stage treatment to condition and seal the leather which protects it from staining and UV damage. A fabric protectant is applied to the floor mats to resist future staining as well.  A hand wash can be included with the Top to Bottom detail for just $45 for any size! 

Service Recommendation: Heavily soiled vehicles benefit most from this auto detailing package with the most dramatic improvement. A fabric protectant is recommended to be applied to seating and carpets after this comprehensive cleaning. CQuartz Fabric or CQuartz Leather may also be applied to best protect the leather and vinyl against future damage and soiling. After this extensive service, a Deep Clean Detail is recommended every 6 months to a year, to maintain a like-new appearance.


(Does not include: Seat removal, Fabric protectant applied to the seats or stationary carpets; Mold or mildew removal.)